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Research shows that half of a child's adult intelligence is formed during the first four years of his or her life. Hence, the child's environment must provide the experience for physical, intellectual, aesthetic, emotional and social development.

By his/her third birthday, your child should be able to do many things, including throw a ball overhand, feed himself/herself, ride a tricycle, balance on one foot or copy a circle, just to name a few. And by age 4, your child should begin knowing his/her first and last name, follow family rules, recognise colours, eat without help, dress up, etc.

High-quality preschools and pre-kindergartens are geared to give your child a jumpstart to learning. Most have standards in place to prepare your child for kindergarten, so that on the first day of school, your child is ready to learn. You should expect your child to learn certain things in preschool, just as you would expect your elementary student to learn how to read and do basic math.

Appropriate early childhood programmes not only help your child's brain develop in a timely fashion, they also contribute to physical, emotional and social development. Along with school readiness, it is also important to look for key developmental milestones in your children.

The education system must enable the child to cope with the ever growing challenges of life. Happy Home Nursery is committed to providing these experiences through creative and modern education in an attractive and caring environment.

Our students are introduced to a well-balanced programme of creative learning and play through various enriching activities. Our objective is to introduce the children to the field of learning through a variety of recreational activities formulated in a manner to satisfy the child's quest for discovering his or her surroundings.

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